Do you want to be well?

Jan 20, 2024

John chapter 5: 1- 14 

Do you want to get well?  This is a question Jesus asked a man who was ill.  A question that many times in life we all may think about when dealing with others and ourselves. As a medical professional this is a question that runs through my mind at times.  Do you want to get well? 


This may seem obvious, but it is an important question. Before anything can happen, change, or heal mentally, physically, or spiritually, you have to have a yes to that question first.  


Some may roll their eyes and say, “of course people want to be well”.  However, their behavior and attitude may say something different.  If we make so many excuses, it will inevitably cause those around you to question, does this person even want to be well? 


Your therapist’s job is not to fix you.  Many come to therapy with this misconception.  They will not change you either.  They are a vehicle of change, but you must drive the car.  Therapists, pastors, ministers, mentors and even loved ones can give you the tools, advice and know how, but if you have made up in your mind that it is “too hard, what is the point, it is hopeless” then you will get…nowhere.  Your mindset has kept you at park. 


The minute your mindset shifts to one of hope, possibilities, growth, and willingness to try no matter what, is when you will see change. Now, all the help you received can be utilized and make sense.  It starts with a choice. Do you want to be well? 


When Jesus asked this man the question, his answer seemed valid, but can also be seen as an excuse.  In verse 7 he says he has no one to help him or while making his way many get ahead of him.  The visual (from movies and shows) that is always depicted was as if everyone else would get there faster than him.  


He was sick and most likely couldn’t move fast to get into the pool.  However, John lets us know many there were invalid, lame and paralyzed so technically no one could move that fast.  And it seemed like it was very slim for anyone to find someone to help them get in because these people were often ignored in society. Therefore, all the other disabled people are busy trying to help themselves.  My point is that no one seemed to have had an advantage over him of making it to the pool faster than him. Everyone else would be moving just as slowly as he was to try and make it to the pool. So, if this is the case, why hasn’t he made it there.  


Jesus then says in verse 8 and 9 Get up! Pick up your mat and walk. At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked. This also amazed me how the guy did what Jesus said immediately. He did not ask any questions. He just got up.  This is how we should respond when we are given the tools to get well. Instead, we like to ask 21 questions, well how God? Are you sure? I don’t think I can, you really think I am ready. What if I fail? What if I succeed? Now what Jesus did for this man was in fact a miracle. Also, I like to think that at that moment, this man had a mindset shift and when Jesus said to get up his excuses went away. 


All of humanity can see themselves in this story.  Many are metaphorically or internally like invalids, lames and paralyzed. Looking towards a pool. Or in today’s time, looking to alcohol, drugs, meaningless sexual relationships, looking to our jobs, looking to the club and material things, to money, or people, expecting these things to heal us and take our pain away but it doesn't. You will only find true rest in Jesus.  


 We will find rest when we choose to take on the responsibilities of life, embrace the suffering and not run away from it, because you can’t. We try to run many times and end up suffering anyway. You may ask how you find rest in suffering. You only do when you embrace it and give that burden to Jesus who can carry it.  


Psychology has shown that those who voluntarily go through suffering will come out stronger, and more resilient on the other side.  Those who just let suffering happen to them come out weaker and miserable. 


So “If you choose to do the hard things your life will be easy, if you choose to do what is easy your life will be hard” (Les Brown). So, choose to do the work and get well. 


Thank you and Take Care,  

Christina Adrien  



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